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Our Lady of Good Counsel
Jac Shortland
Inspired by the fresco in Genazzano, Italy:
artist anonymous

You call out to me
Mater Boni Consilii
I am bewildered by these pleas

what do I know of miracles
all I have is this paper-thin existence
wrapped by the fingers of my infant son

my skin has muted to pale umber
in time you will see right through me
white wisps of porcelain where my halo used to be

you have consecrated, you have desecrated
my child`s plaster-scars of wars
his eyes reveal many sorrows

he has known swords and bells
yet look again; it is he who is holding me
how can you gaze all this time and still not see

I am too young to counsel
and yet if sitting with my image comforts you
I will do what I was crafted for and bless you